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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how you rank on Google Maps.

With checklists for many industries, we provide a thorough guide on local SEO ranking elements, tools, considerations, tips, and guidance. Use the links below to jump to individual blog sections if you’re interested in one in particular.

Because we’re not in the business of trying to “fool” Google, and that shouldn’t be your goal either, you’ll notice that I didn’t discuss any local best search engine optimization company

Why wouldn’t you want to deceive Google in order to boost local rankings?

A Ph.D. is held by one in three Google employees. You won’t be able to out-think or trick thousands of Ph.D.s, even if you can “trick” Google into giving your local business a better rating than it ought to have. If you can con all those brilliant individuals, you’re probably in the wrong line of work and ought to put your knowledge and abilities to better use.

For a while, you might be able to deceive Google into giving your local service business a rating, but once that strategy stops working, you run the risk of losing all of your listings on Google Maps. Not a circumstance you want to be in.

Therefore, this essay is not for you if you’re seeking for strategies to “trickle” Google into placing your company in the 3-pack of Google Maps results. We have everything you need to conquer local SEO, though, if you’re seeking for advice on local SEO to boost your rankings and bring relevant local traffic to your business.

Google My Business and local SEO

Local SEO service providers genuinely mean local SEO rankings when they talk about Google My Business rankings. This is a crucial distinction to be aware of because Bing offers local map results for businesses as well.

In this piece, we’ll mostly focus on Google, but bear in mind that Bing is also important. The local SEO ranking variables for Bing and Google are largely the same, with some variances in how they weight each aspect.

Google Maps Ranking Factors & Local SEO

A unique set of ranking variables applies to local SEO. Some of these ranking factors are under your control, while others are not, and for good reason.

Where the user is actually searching

The precise address of your company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency

Because of its relevancy and user experience, a website landing page is also known as a NAPW (name, address, phone number, and website)

a Google My Business listing is present.

Relevant keywords must be present in your Google My Business listing’s categories and services.

Google reviews’ general tone, volume, and average star rating

Including pertinent keywords in your reviews

The quantity of “check-ins” at the place

social indicators

Getting Listed in Google Maps

Google wants to give users access to reliable information. In light of this, providing Google with as much information as you can through your Google My Business listings and maintaining that information up-to-date is one of the finest things you can do.

You can boost your company’s local rating on Google and your presence in Search and Maps by giving as much information as you can and keeping your listing up to date.

Tip: If you have several local listings, you can bulk upload a spreadsheet to change the information for many different places at once.

Full Google My Business listing information

Google wants to give local searchers the most pertinent information possible. Businesses with Google My Business listings that are thorough and accurate are more likely to match local searchers‘ intent.

Check the Address of the Company (s)

Verify the addresses of your company locations to give them the best chance to show up for users on Google products, such as Maps and Search.

Updating business information

Potential customers can learn when you’re open and feel more confident travelling to your location if you enter and update your opening hours, including special hours for holidays and special events.

Learn how to change your business hours and how to add extra hours for special occasions and holidays.

Organize and reply to evaluations

Respond to reviews that customers leave about your business to engage with them. By answering reviews, you demonstrate that you appreciate your clients’ opinions on your company.

A potential customer is more likely to visit your location if your business is more visible and receives high-caliber, favourable feedback from its clients. Create a link that clients may click to post reviews to entice them to do so.

Find out more about handling and answering reviews.

Add images

Including images in your listings can help you tell the story of your company while also showcasing your products and services. The use of accurate and eye-catching images can help demonstrate to potential clients that your business provides the services they are looking for on Google.

To add, change, or remove photos from your Google My Business listing, read this article.

Ranking factors for local SEO

Local results prioritise prominence, relevance, and distance. To determine the best match for someone’s search, all of these variables are taken into account. For instance, Google may decide to rank a business higher in local results because it is farther away and so more relevant and likely to offer the service you’re looking for.


Relevance is the degree to which a local listing corresponds to a search engine optimization firm. Including comprehensive and in-depth business information can aid Google in comprehending your operation and offering your listing for pertinent searches.


Just as it sounds, how far away from the location phrase entered in the search is each probable search result? In the absence of a location specification, Google will determine distance based on local knowledge.


The term “prominence” describes how well-known a company is. Some locations are more well-known offline, and the local ranking in search results reflects this. For instance, well-known attractions like landmark hotels, museums, or popular store brands are likely to appear prominently in local search results.

Google’s data about a company gathered from throughout the web determines prominence (like links, articles, and directories). Local search ranking is affected by the number and quality of Google reviews; hence, more reviews and favourable ratings would likely boost local ranking. SEO basic practises also apply to local search optimization because your position in the search engine results page is a consideration.

On Google, there is no option to ask for or pay for a higher local ranking. To ensure that the ranking system is as impartial as possible for everyone, we make every effort to maintain the privacy of the search algorithm’s specifics.

Optimal SEO Techniques for Location Pages

A location page is a web page on your website that offers all the details a potential client would need to know when visiting your business or getting in touch with you.

These pages ought to be as localised to your place of business as feasible. Although there are numerous excellent location page examples for SEO, the “ideal” approach is elusive.

A nice example of a business having location pages that are SEO-friendly is Home Depot.

Here are a few things to think about while making a killer location page for local SEO:

Use structured data to notify Google and other search engines what kind of company you are, as well as important details like your address and phone number.


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