NFT Marketing Agencies

DeFi has obtained significant traction around the market in the past few years with the rapid growth of computer technology. Although Defi is different from blockchain and crypto, the number of companies that can provide marketing services for your Defi projects is small.

Things to keep in mind while choosing any Defi / NFT marketing agencies :

Once you are looking for any Defi / NFT marketing agency then you have to keep care of several things. For instance, the authentication of the company is like how many years the company is serving in this field. Does the company really have a good experience or not? Are the employees are high – skilled? Do they understand the requirements of their clients? Are they capable of delivering the assigned task on time? And most importantly, how much do they charge?

These are some questions you need to consider before you opt for any marketing agency. And once you get satisfied with every term of the company then you hire them for your services.

6 Best DeFi / NFT Marketing Agencies You can choose for your DeFi / NFT Project

We have prepared a list of various Defi / NFT marketing agencies with expanded experience in the crypto field. Here is the list of 6 different DeFi marketing agencies that hold expertise in the crypto –


OTT is one of the leading digital marketing agencies providing complete service. This firm especially delivers the services in DeFi marketing in tons. As the company has been serving for the last many years, they have strong relationships with several biggest publishers and influencers across the industry. The services involved, are influencer marketing, PR, and SEO for DeFi particular firms and startups. OTT has achieved a position in the last few years to deliver beneficial campaigns that have a specific impact on their client’s brand awareness.

Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is an agency of DeFi marketing that is based in Asia with offices in Singapore, Australia, and Japan. This agency provides DeFi marketing services that include Influencer campaigns, PR, social media marketing, and community management. Also, they have been displayed on websites like Crunchbase and Clutch for their outstanding work. The company rose because of DeFi’s surge in Asia.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is an agency known for PR and growth marketing that focuses to drive attention to the platforms like crypto via sponsored posts, press releases, and social media.

Their onboard customers are Wings, NEM, and Also, they’ve been working with various conferences that are included in their specialty. Eventually, their task is to promote their client’s organization and so they have used this similar strategy for many years.

Priority Token

Priority token is a full-service provider marketing agency that is basically from Russia. The agency focuses on DeFi marketing and includes STO, IEO, and ICO campaigns. With respect to DeFi, their offering is legal consulting, project audits, and business case development. Some of the firms they worked with are Upbots, Playkey, and Lipchain. Actually, you can find a record of all projects involving the firm’s name, project token, and status.


CryNet is yet another leading company known for Defi marketing running multiple marketing campaigns for many years. They’re actually in the Czech Republic and have collaborated with various firms like The Divi Project, Earth Token, Hoque, play key, and BetterBetting.

The firm prides itself on finding ways to link with its audience authentically, despite going through traditional advertising procedures. Ultimately, as per the reports, CryNet has been working with 400 + organizations across the industry.


X10  is also among the top list of digital marketing agencies, that have experience in numerous DeFi, IEO, STO, and ICO projects. The firm delivers a complete package for Defi organizations; they provide content including white paper development for newly launched startups who want to introduce their projects and DeFi audit as well. The agency is associated with many top projects like crypto space, Coindesk, ICO Bench, Bitforex, OKex, and KuCoin.


There are numerous agencies on the list, which all are above others at the top list. Agencies like OTT have worked with many biggest firms and carry years of experience working with several of the biggest firms that involve each kind of crypto company involving DeFi startups.

If you are also looking for companies then reach out to the OTT platform which provides you with complete service at an affordable price.

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