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From smartphones and tablets to kiosks and ATMs. Touch screens are everywhere these days. And our laptops are no exception. With a touchscreen, you have more ways to interact with your computer. From tapping and swiping to squeezing and pulling, touchscreen laptops make it easy to navigate screens and enter data.

Dell’s award-winning touchscreen Dell Laptops combine stunning graphics. State-of-the-art technology and best-in-class features give you a screen that allows you to interact with the app the way you want.

Advantages of Touch Screen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops have many advantages over non-touch devices.

1. Easy To Navigate

Touchscreens give you more options to quickly navigate through menus and apps. This can help multitasking professionals, as touch navigation requires less attention and effort.

A touchscreen also means you can complete certain tasks faster. Which can increase your overall productivity. The touchscreen also makes watching videos incredibly easy. Suitable for modification

2. More Interactive Presentations.

A touchscreen allows multiple users to interact with one laptop. This makes it easy to present or communicate with multiple people in a meeting. Touch screens can also make it easier to collaborate at school, home, or work.

3. More Intuitive Interactions

Using a touchscreen is a simpler and easier way to interact with your laptop than using a mouse or trackpad. Especially for those who switch between smartphones and tablets.

Artists and students can also use the touchscreen pen when trying to take notes or create designs for their projects.

4. More Creative Expression

Touch screens are additional tools for artists and graphic designers to bring their ideas to life digitally. Touch screens can help all font designers “draw” their designs faster and more efficiently. This can lead to much better creative expression.

Trying to find your mouse cursor deep in a task can be frustrating. And touchscreen laptops mean you can use gestures to perform tasks (like zoom in/out). Touch screens remove these inconveniences and help streamline the creative process.

Dell Touch Screen Laptops

1. XPS Laptop Touch Screen

Precisely engineered for performance and functionality, XPS laptops and 2-in-1s feature touchscreens with stunning graphics and a great user experience. Built for the best, XPS laptops have the highest display resolution. Excellent build quality and powerful features

XPS monitors are designed with endless colours and possibilities. The touchscreen Laptops offer best-in-class HD technology and excellent colour accuracy. The four-sided Infinity Edge Display provides a nearly borderless, bezel-less display. Also provides highly accurate colour reproduction for high photography, design and creative applications.


  • Touch XPS laptop features include:
  • The screen size ranges from 13 to 17 inches.
  • 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 to i9 processors
  • SSD up to 1TB and more
  • 4 GB RAM to 32 GB and more
  • 4K video resolution option

2. Inspiron Touchscreen Laptop

Along with Dell’s best touchscreen 2-in-1 laptops, Inspiron devices make communication easy. Whether you’re live streaming, chatting, working or shopping online, Inspiron laptops are easy to use, combining the latest technology with a smart design and all the features you want. are needed to seamlessly interact with the world around them. Screen sizes range from 13 to 17 inches, making it easy to find a laptop with a small or large screen to suit your needs.


  • Inspiron laptops with touchscreen features include:
  • AMD and Intel® processors
  • A memory from 4 GB to 16 GB
  • Supports SSD, HDD and eMMC drives up to 1TB and larger.
  • 4K video resolution option
  • Most Inspiron touchscreen laptops are compatible with a pen (sold separately).

Why Choose A Dell Touch Screen Laptop?

1. Continuous innovation

Dell laptops constantly push the boundaries of design to deliver stunning looks, beauty and performance.

2. Easy To Adjust

Dell touchscreen laptops are available in various configurations to suit your needs. You have options for everything from screen size and processor to RAM, graphics card and more.

3. Free Delivery, Easy Returns

Dell laptops are free and easy to return with a 30-day return period.

4. Expert Support

Every Dell laptop comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty along with a variety of support options.

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