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One of the very crucial things that a corporate unit ought in order to stabilize itself is to fund. Without complete funding, a business cannot establish itself or have a robust ground and it is where an investor can help. It comes as no surprise then why a lot of people want to become tenants of this bustling city. One of the simplest methods to get a residence visa is to obtain an investor visa in Dubai.

The UAE, especially Dubai ranks high among overseas people looking to analyze markets for their entrepreneurial ventures. It is because Dubai follows a development-focused approach. The Dubai government is continuously performing towards updating and introducing guidelines and regulations that favor economic and social evolvement. It in turn translates into rules and investor visas in Dubai rules that favor and inspire businessmen.

What Is An Investor Visa In Dubai? 

An Investor Visa In Dubai is a sort of visa that enables an overseas investor to enter, live, get engaged in business activities, and exit a country. This is access that authorizes the investor to perform distinct business activities. International acquisitions involve huge risks but provide a good return also.

An investor visa in Dubai is contributed by the UAE ministry for a tenure of three years and demands to get stamped by the UAE Commerce embassy. Let us say in case an investor wants to get an investor visa in Dubai, then an investor has to deposit AED 10,000, and the visa costs for Dubai. Once it is closest to the expiration date, this requires getting renewed to act on the business activities at a prospective date.

Steps to Get an Investor Visa in Dubai 

  1. First of all, you must register your company with the Economic Department of Dubai.
  2. Next, you need to make an application for an establishment card for your enterprise.
  3. Now, you should apply for your entry visa to the country, get entry to the UAE,
  4. And undergo an in-country status change for your visa.
  5. In case you’re already in the country, you have to go through the process of visa status change.
  6. Performing your medical test.
  7. Making an application for your Emirates ID.
  8. You need to get the right health insurance.
  9. Get a stamp on your investor visa in Dubai.

Advantages Of Getting An Investor Visa In Dubai 

Beginning your own corporation in Dubai has its advantages. Below are some advantages of an investor visa in Dubai –

Residency – As an investor visa in Dubai is legal for three years, it automatically qualifies you for a three years residence visa in Dubai.

Sponsor Family – With an investor visa in Dubai, you are able to sponsor your instant family members to become tenants of the country. Instant family members comprise your spouse, parents, and kids.

Ease of travel – This is very simple to travel to any GCC nation for business in case you hold an investor visa in Dubai. The investor position assists pace up the procedure of obtaining a travel visa to these sectors.

Outside country visa validity – With an investor visa in Dubai, you can reside out of the UAE for around one year at a stretch,

without canceling your residency. It isn’t the term with dependent or employment visas.

Long-term visa – Holding an investor visa in Dubai and making a successful business unit in the country can leverage your chances of getting a golden visa in the UAE.

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