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Many car owners are unsure of what they can do when it comes time for maintenance or repair work. Independent service stations are one alternative, while dealership service departments are another.

Before finalizing your decision, think over the price of the services, the honesty, reputation, and skills of the mechanic, as well as the quality of the replacement parts. Both choices, however, are evaluated fairly. 

This article gives you an unbiased look at the key factors, making it much easier to make a final decision.

The Price Of Services

The prices at the independent workshops are usually lower than those at service centres run by car dealerships. However, a variety of services, like oil changes and oil filter replacements, would be of comparable quality, and genuine parts would be available according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Consequently, when the cost of components like engine oil or filters is the same but labour costs dramatically differ, an independent garage is not a bad choice.

Further, Car Garage Expert should be your go-to garage if you’re looking for trustworthy auto maintenance. All your car-related wants and needs can be met right here.

Add-ons To Existing Services

The faithful patronage of an independent service station is highly prized. If you use its services often for car maintenance or repairs while spending less than you would at an authorized service centre, you will definitely get some free services.

There are other perks to keeping your car serviced in the area. When added up, the savings from these measures are sufficient. Though they may stock discounts, incentives, and add-on services, official service centres don’t handle them.

These days, even non-dealership auto shops have the same cutting-edge equipment as dealership service departments. There should be good and sufficient infrastructure for your car, so cutting costs there may be a good idea.

Car Garage Expert Is Your One-stop Shop For Auto Care.

Customization For Specific Brands And Models

Specialization is now available outside of officially recognized service providers. There are private garages with a staff of skilled mechanics who can work on many different kinds of cars. 

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed by many different manufacturers, and even most independent repair shops do the same.

While approved service centres do in fact adhere to SOPs, most struggle to keep up with demand. There is always a delay, and you never have your car serviced on schedule.

You are not allowed to even approach your car while at work. This would be absolutely no grey area if you took your car to an independent workshop where you could stay up to date on the status of any issues.

There are no automotive needs that aren’t met by a full-service independent garage like Car Garage Expert. There are plenty of skilled mechanics who can handle any problem your car may have.

Insurance Policies And Guarantees

Your vehicle’s warranty may still be in effect, so you may want to take it somewhere official. Choose any shop in the area to have your car serviced, though; doing so won’t cause any problems.

While standardization is to be expected in some areas, it is crucial to remember that not all authorized centres will deliver services that are up to par; the quality of services given by different authorized centres may vary widely.

In addition, many motorists believe that taking their vehicles to a local repair shop for maintenance may void the warranty. Your vehicle’s warranty will remain intact regardless of which service facility you choose.

Car Garage Expert has been in the shop for some time now for general auto repair and maintenance. Come in for a single visit, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Benefits Of Picked Up And Dropped Off Services

Local auto shops typically offer a pick-up and drop-off service right to your doorstep. A simple service doesn’t usually necessitate extensive repairs, so getting it done at a local garage like Car Garage Expert can save you both money and time.

When you’re ready, though, local auto shops are at your disposal for any necessary repairs. In terms of both quality and client happiness, genuine auto parts are what today’s most reputable service provider offers.


Visiting a small, locally owned auto shop instead of a chain dealership is a win-win situation for both of you since you get high-quality work at a reasonable price and the shop gets an audience interested in its services.

Car Garage Expert stands out among the monopoly of authorized service centres by providing exceptional customer service in UAE. Even when it comes time to get your car serviced or fixed, you’re still in charge of your schedule. You can schedule auto maintenance or place a repair order 24/7 via our website or mobile app. 

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