Avianca Change Flight

Cost To Change The Avianca Airlines Flight

Changing a specific flight has several reasons behind it to enjoy the trip. But, the main thing is to know the cost of changing the flight with Avianca.

However, the passengers can think about changing the flight at any time. So it is important to get to know about these things. On the other hand, go through the Avianca Change flight policy & learn about the other parameters.

The Columbia-based airline ensures exclusive inflight services for worldwide travelers. However, the airline flies to numerous destinations & offers unbelievable trip memories.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Avianca?

If you wish to change your flights with Avianca Airlines, pay around $200-700.

What is the procedure for changing the flight with Avianca Airlines?

Some steps can help you to change the flights below:

  • Online :
  1. Access the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  2. Here, the manage your booking option is available on the homepage.
  3. Now, enter the reservation number followed by the last name of the passenger
  4. After that, hit the continue button
  5. Here, you’ll find out to customize your trip option where you need to click on change your flight option.
  6. It gives you access to the change flight Avianca
  7. However, view the flight itinerary & as you get the reservation details, and select the flight that needs to be changed
  8. Then select the new date, time & destination
  9. After that, proceed to make the payment & hit the continue button
  10. At last, receive the flight change confirmation in registered mail.
  • Live chat:

Apart from the above option, you can start with a live chat with Avianca Airlines live representatives. Here, you need to provide all the details & get valuable information.

  • Airport:

The other way to change your flight is to reach the nearest airport, which is the safest way to change the flight.

  • Call:

Apart from these, you can also connect via Avianca telefono & speak with the Avianca customer executive. However, they will guide you through the whole process of changing the flight.

Explain The Policy For The Avianca Airlines Flight Change.

There are some points that you need to keep in mind:

  1. If you want to change the flight with Avianca without paying, you need to do it within 24hrs.
  2. But, if you go ahead and change the flight after a limited time, you have to pay.
  3. If the airline cancels the flight, you’ll get a refund or book the next flight.
  4. Moreover, the flight change fee increases with time, so it’s advised to change accordingly.
  5. If you didn’t change the arrival & departure airports, then you only need to pay the change fee and government tax.
  6. One important thing is that you must wait to change the flight one hour before the scheduled departure.
  7. You can easily change the flight through the Avianca Airlines official website.

Convenient Flight Change:

Avianca Airlines aims to provide a first-class air experience. Sometimes, due to some inconvenience, the passengers change their flight & here you can do it without any trouble.

Moreover, you can visit the website or get through the airlines anytime & try to resolve the problems. However, these things help to create a positive impact on the airlines & urge the other members to book their flights.


Therefore, we have provided you with all the details about the cost to change a flight on Avianca.  Can I change my flight date without a fee? Yes, you can change or cancel the flight. However, you may have to pay change or cancellation fees depending on the flight you booked and the transport class of your ticket. To change or cancel you can directly call on its helpline number.

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