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Are you looking for a way to Import your PST files without harming your data? Many users are regular users of Outlook and want to import OST to Outlook email client. Many business organizations rely on this platform to record their data. If you are a regular user of Outlook, then you might be familiar with the term OST and PST. The users might also know that they cannot directly convert their OST file to Outlook PST. To import your Offline data to Outlook or another system, you are supposed to configure Outlook and connect to the server to create OST. Otherwise, you can also convert the OST file to PST with the help of a third-party tool.

The OST file is the Offline Storage Table launched by Outlook; it saves a copy of the mailbox into a local drive. Users can access calendars, emails, notes and many more. Most users, especially enterprises, store crucial data in Outlook and exchange the information. To keep up with the data, the users must convert their OST file to PST.

Why should users Import OST to Outlook

Several reasons are applicable to import the OST file to PST. The majority of the users who are using Outlook know the importance of importing the OST file. However, numerous users have no idea about it and are searching for the benefits to import OST to Outlook PST files.

  • The Exchange server maintenance is one of the reasons to proceed with the conversion procedure. One must put the Exchange server on maintenance to avoid the interruption of the server. However, if the server is under maintenance, we cannot access OST file data in the Outlook email client. So in that scenario, the users must convert their OST file to PST.
  • Migrate data from one system to another- Users frequently switch their organization, therefore, to transfer data from a system to another one, converting their OST file to Outlook PST is necessary.
  • Exchange Server Downtime is also one of the reasons for converting the OST file to PST. Users face downtime for various reasons, like virus attacks, malware and software/ hardware failure. To avoid such a situation, the user must take the backup of the OST files and keep them safe for future use.

Manual method to Import OST to PST 

Users who want to go with the manual method can check out the below cited steps to complete the procedure to import OST to Outlook PST in an easiest way.

  • Open Outlook in your system and visit the File option.
  • From the left panel, tap on the Options, select the advanced option, and later on, tap on the Auto Archive Setting option.
  • Now set the Auto Archive as per your requirement and set the day count to start the auto archive and clear old emails.
  • Tap on the Ok option to create the archive of OST emails.
  • You can check out the work by checking the location you chose to save the PST files.
  • Now open Outlook, click the File option, tap Open and Export, and then hit the Import / Export option.
  • Tap on the Export to a file option in the box, tap on the Outlook data file PST option, and then click on the Next tab.
  • Now you must select the Outlook file where you want to save the PST file.
  • Lastly, browse the folder to save the OST file and tap the Finish option.

Limitation for Manual Method

The manual method is a bit risky for the users as it is the oldest method to import OST to PST as users are always worried about misplacing their data. Therefore, if you are a first time user and are opting for manual method then we will suggest you to first check out the limitation of the method.

  • The manual method is challenging task, as users have to wait for hours to complete the process.
  • If users want to import multiple files then they will not be able to select the various file at a time. Users have to run the entire process multiple times.
  • There is high risk of getting your file damaged or loss with this utility.

Professional Method to Import OST to PST

To all the users who are not want to go with the manual method can check out the professional third party tool. The Shoviv OST to PST Converter tool to begin with the conversion process efficiently. The tool comes with different features that will help the users to complete the process. The software has a very user friendly GUI which ease the working of the software. It offers the free demo version so that users who want to check the efficiency of the tool can explore the complete software.

Final Words

In the above-mentioned content, we have explained everything about the conversion process. Users who want to import OST to Outlook can check out the full article; we have also shared the manual method and professional third party tool. Users can check out both methods; we prefer users to go with the professional third-party tool for a smooth working experience.

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