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Google Workspace is also known as G Suite, and as we know, G Suite data is not invulnerable, which means it is essential to have a backup of G Suite emails. Many users have a misconception that data created or in G Suite does not need to be backed up. There can be a situation like accidental deletion, corruption, or any malicious deletion; hence, to deal with such circumstances where you can lose your data, it becomes necessary for you to backup Google Workspace email. Without backup, your organization stands to risk losing all of its essential files, and no organization wants to risk that. Therefore, if you have a backup of your data, you can retrieve all the essential data and can deal with the situation calmly. Are you considering executing the backup task? If yes, you are on the right platform.

Reasons to have a backup of Google Workspace (G Suite)-:

There are many reasons, which is why users backup Google Workspace email. Some of the reasons are as follows-:

  1. There can be a situation where your Workspace may run out of space. However, users create space by deleting less important files. But what if you accidentally deleted your important email or file? Hence, users need to backup Google Workspace email and data to deal with such a situation.
  2. G Suite has a feature that allows many users to work on the same file. Nevertheless, sometimes, you may create different versions and copies of the same file. Therefore, users remove duplicate items by deleting the files to retain the original file.
  3. The constant thread is Ransomewhere. It is a type of malicious software used by attackers to encrypt and lock your data. However, if such a situation occurs, then with G Suite backup, you can deal with the situation smoothly.
  4. Your file can be corrupted due to any unwanted situation, and thus that corruption can lead to a data loss situation. Hence, it is important to backup Google Workspace Email.

Methods for performing the G Suite Backup task-:

Users have two ways to take G Suite backup; manual and professional method. Both methods are different; hence, you can choose either one of them. Most users opt for the professional method because the manual method includes many limitations. Before deciding on the method, let’s discuss the methods in detail.

The disadvantages and limitations of the manual method to backup Google Workspace Email are as follows-:

  • It is a complicated, complex, and tough method to perform. Therefore, users are not much comfortable executing the G Suite backup manually.
  • Users can only back up limited mailboxes, which can be a significant limitation.
  • A non-technical user should not perform the task because unless you are not a professional or expert in the technical field, you can lose data.
  • It includes the risk of losing data integrity, and no one wants to risk that.
  • The manual method has many limitations and consumes a lot of users’ time. Therefore, it’s better to go with another method because time is precious as money, and every user wants to save that.
  • There are high chances of human error, which are very common.

The professional way to have a backup-:

Most users backup Google Workspace email with a professional method because it is safe and secure. It does not include any limitations or disadvantages. Shoviv Google Workspace Tool is the ideal software to perform the task. As it has many advanced features that are mentioned below-:

  1. The GUI of the Shoviv software is so user-friendly that technical and non-technical users can perform the task without difficulty.
  2. Most of the users take backup of G Suite mailboxes to PST file format because PST files are easy to port and export, and the software allows taking backup in PST files.
  3. Besides PST, you can backup Google Workspace email to file formats like HTML, MSG, MHT, and MBOX.
  4. The software guarantees that there is no alteration in the data, and the folder hierarchy remains the same, which means your data is safe.
  5. You can backup numerous G Suite mailboxes without any size restriction.
  6. In case, you have to save time by not restarting the whole process. Instead of restarting, you want to resume the process; then you can use the Incremental backup function that helps to resume the task from the last interrupted point, whether intentionally or not. This function also prevents data from duplicity.
  7. You can use the Filter option to filter out the data by eliminating the undesired data and including the desired ones.
  8. Users can schedule backup jobs periodically with daily, weekly, and monthly options, and the software will start taking backups automatically.
  9. The software has the option to set bad items count to 50. If the limit exceeds, the task will automatically stop.


Ultimately, there is a clear picture that the Shoviv Google Workspace Backup Tool is the best way to have G Suite backup as it includes advanced features and maintains the originality of data. However, with the manual method, you have to face many unwanted issues through which you have to lose crucial data. Hence, it is easy to choose Shoviv professional Software over the manual method because it is more secure than the manual method, and you can evaluate the software’s features before buying. You can try the free Demo version of the software.

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