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Live streaming of events is a popular and trending concept in this digital age we all are living in. Well, we all know how live streaming used to look and how to stream one. But when talking about streaming a physical event and that too of any brands, or business event then it is quite a hectic process. There are many live streaming service providers as well as live streaming platforms, still to choose one and what to keep in mind is what we are going to cover in this blog. So, keep reading till the end.

A Guide To Live Streaming: Step By Step Guide!

Live streaming refers to simply broadcasting an event to an online audience, It can also be understood by the very fact of simply posting video over social sites like Instagram or Facebook. But in the case of live streaming, the video is live just like the cricket match we all see on our TV. Nowadays, it is an old tradition to watch something on TV, as we all have smartphones and laptops and easily access the internet. 

Live streaming can be used in a number of ways such as for brand promotions, creating brand awareness, connecting with your audience, product demos, interaction, and others. From big brands to small businesses and individuals, all are nowadays using live streaming services for optimal growth of their businesses. Let’s learn more about the process you need to go through;

Plan Your Live Stream 

Just like any other event and live stream is also a sort of event and planning is a must when you start thinking of any event. You need to plan for everything and need to identify the most important aspect of your vent like;

  • Why are you live streaming?
  • What is your motto?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are their expectations?
  • In what category does your live streaming fall?
  • What do you want from this live stream like your objectives?

Once you know all the answers you are ready to move to the next step. But to identify all the answers you need to deep dive and do market research about the trend and need to clear all the doubts before you plan to live stream. There are other necessary things like which live streaming platform you are going to use, do you require any streaming services, what will be the venue and others like date and timings. 

Choose The Live Streaming Platform

It is the most crucial step to outline. If you are not clear about which live streaming platform to choose then it will be a disaster for you. Every social site and platform has there own sort of slang, culture, and trends. To cope with all those you are required to do some research about which one to choose. 

There are numerous live streaming platforms;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • And Others!

All these platforms are good in their own way and as an individual or brand, you need to know where most of the targeted audience is active. Additionally, there is an option like multistreaming where you can live stream over multiple social sites at the same time by using the best platform for live streaming events.

Choose Your Equipment

Equipment is quite normal to add to the checklist. A camera as said is an obvious need. However, there is other equipment like a tripod, microphone, laptop, stable internet connection and encoding software for converting camera footage into the format of a streaming platform. If you want to give your live stream a professional touch then it is pretty much required to hire professional live streaming services. If you want to perform a lot of live streaming in the future, this is a particularly useful practice because it can help to brand your videos and give them some visual consistency.

Promotions Are Helpful

No event can gather a large attendee without proper promotions. How you can imagine people knowing about your event if you don’t let them know? The best practice for boosting your live stream engagement that everyone uses and is effective is to promote your live stream on all social sites. Additionally, if you wanted to get a better reach there is no harm to put little money into paid promotions. A live stream is a social media age concept and it is the way perfect to use them to make your impact valuable. 

Practice First

We hold dress rehearsals for a reason. Practice sessions are crucial because they help you become more confident in your ability to deliver the topic effectively.

However, in the realm of live broadcasting, practice beforehand to prevent more complicated but equally unpleasant errors. When you’re verbally unprepared or your equipment breaks down without a backup plan, improv can be entertaining, but not always.

Prepare Guest

Is there anything more uncomfortable than an awkward, bewildered silence? Make sure your guests are ready for any questions they might receive as part of your dry run. Don’t over-practice, but take all precautions to avoid catching them off-guard.

Asking a prospective guest a few questions in advance might be helpful. In order to allow them to be prepared and respond at the moment, you should also prepare some follow-up or in-depth questions for on-air.

At The End!

It’s not an end to the instinctive guide of your live streaming. But we have covered everything possible. Now, the question is even if you plan, execute, promote, test, rehearse and then go live. After that is this the end of your plan? Well, the simple answer is no. You need to interact with your audience, clear the queries and do everything possible to make them entertained yet appealing to your content. However, it is also necessary for you to keep track of your social media handles after the live stream. As many people can DM you for any queries and others. 

The other thing is that you can repurpose your live stream, which means you can share it as a video over your social media handles. This repurposes of content will help you achieve reaching you to more audiences. In the end, just one thing to keep in mind is choosing a live-streaming platform that can be helpful for you in every sense. 

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