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Mobile graphic Games are becoming popular all across the globe right now; numerous people want to play smartphone games, meaning the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. 

The benefit of playing on a mobile device is you can play your games anywhere and enjoy your gaming experience. 

The benefit of gaming on a mobile device is portability anywhere and enjoying your gaming experience.

Many people are now performing multiplayer online mobile games and making money out of mobile graphic games by streaming their gameplay online for the audience. 

If you intend to stream your mobile game live, you must understand. You need a reliable mobile device and a high-quality internet connection. 

My friend is obsessed with online multiplayer games, but he doesn’t know to live stream his gameplay or record his gameplay, so I guided him to download some live streaming apps & platforms. 

Let’s learn what it takes to start streaming your mobile game and improve as a live streamer. 

10 Ways to Easily Stream your mobile game live: 

Streaming a game live is not easy, but once you perform it daily and You can only grow by reflecting on and correcting past errors, you can become a good live streamer and easily attract the audience to watch your live stream and your gameplay. 

Now, let’s learn the ten ways to stream your mobile game live and attract the audience. 

  1. Video Screen Capture Card 
  2. Twitch 
  3. Screen Mirroring 
  4. Live Streaming Apps 
  5. Streamlab OBS 
  6. Xsplit Broadcaster 
  7. Facebook Streaming
  8. Youtube Streaming
  9. Omlet Arcade 
  10. Rooter Live Stream 

1. Video Screen Capture Card 

(You need a PC or Laptop) 

Elgato | edtechreader

A computer, either desktop or portable, is required, a video capture card, and connections to link your capture card, computer, and mobile device so that your mobile game may be mirrored on your computer and streamed live. 

The finest video capture card to share your mobile game in real-time with a PC is the Elgato HD 60. The Elgato capture card is a bit pricy but well worth it; however, you should first determine if it is compatible with your computer, as it is not compatible with some older desktops and laptops. 

However, there are various video capture cards for games that you can use. These include Microware, Etzin, Tobo, etc. 

2. Twitch: 

(Compatible: Mobile/Pc or Laptop) 

Twitch | edtechreader

Twitch is one of the best online game streaming platforms that is the first choice of professional game streamers. Popular gamer shroud and dr. Disrespect live stream most of their gameplay on Twitch. 

Twitch is a straightforward platform where you can sign up with your email id, create an account, and get started with your mobile gaming live stream. 

If you are starting out new in the gaming industry, twitch is the best platform that can help you learn more about gaming and live streaming. 


3. Screen Mirroring: 

(Compatible: PC or Laptop) 

screen mirroring | edtechreader

You may stream your mobile game live from your computer using the screen mirroring feature. Use an app like Apowermirror, Vysor, Letsview, Mirrorgo, etc. to mirror your mobile device’s screen and play games on the big screen. 

These tools make it simpler to stream your mobile game to an audience by mirroring its display. 

If you want to sync your PC and mobile game progress, you must use the same Wi-Fi on both devices. 


4. Live Streaming Apps: 

(You can live stream on mobile by downloading these apps)

live streaming apps | edtechreader 

Source:- Droid News

Live streaming software for mobile devices make it simple to broadcast gaming from any device to any service. 

Gain a large subscriber base by streaming your mobile game live with apps like Loco, Turnip, Nexplay, Mobizen, Nimo tv, etc.. 


5. Streamlab OBS: 

(Compatible with Mobile/Pc or Laptop) 

stream labs obs | edtechreader

Its availability as an app on both Google Play and the Apple App Stores means that Streamlab OBS is popular among PC and console gamers and those using mobile devices. 

Streamlab facilitates live streaming of your mobile game by giving an enticing default layout and simple UI. 


6. Xsplit Broadcaster: 

(You need a PC or Laptop)


Xsplit Broadcaster | edtechreader

The live streaming platform Xsplit broadcaster is often overlooked by gamers, even though it performs its intended function admirably.

If you use xsplit broadcaster regularly, it will be much simpler for you to record, live stream, and submit your gameplay. 

7. Facebook Streaming: 

(Compatible: Mobile Only)

facebook streaming | edtechreader

Considering that we’re talking about broadcasting mobile games in real-time, it’s clear that doing so from a personal computer would be more challenging.

Getting your game out to more players is essential if you hope to see any kind of success, you can easily stream your mobile game live on Facebook using the Facebook gaming function.

The gaming industry as a whole is expanding rapidly, and Facebook games are a big reason why.


8. Youtube Streaming: 

(Compatible: Mobile/Pc or Laptop)

youtube streaming | edtechreader

YouTube Gaming allows you to screen-mirror your mobile game and live-stream it, and many apps and platforms support this.

If you’re looking to boost your viewership and subscriber base on YouTube, streaming video game content is a surefire way to do both.

Providing a captivating live stream is the most effective strategy for attracting and retaining viewers. 


9. Omlet Arcade: 

(Compatible: mobile by downloading the app.) 

omlet arcade | edtechreader

Omlet Arcade is a terrific tool that simplifies broadcasting mobile gaming sessions on Twitch and other platforms.

Omlet Arcade is a free and simple program that allows users to film and broadcast their gameplay live. 


10. Rooter Live Stream:

(Compatible: mobile by downloading the app.)

rooter live | edtechreader

People can use the free Rooter software from the app store or the play store and start live streaming their mobile gameplay to draw in viewers.

Assuming you have access to the rooter app and a stable internet connection you can, you can broadcast your mobile gaming sessions in real-time for as long as you choose. 

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