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Motiongate Dubai is an amusement park with a Hollywood vibe created for movie fans looking for an exciting day at the biggest film studios in Hollywood. Incredible rides and attractions depend on the most recognizable and popular current film series can be found at this exhilarating theme park. Fun seekers who want to engage in extravagant performances, heart-pounding rides, and nonstop comedy film entertainment must visit Motiongate Dubai. With inexpensive Motiongate tickets, youngsters will adore Madagascar Mad Pursuit adventure, the Hotel Transylvania ride, and the Smurf Village Express.

Explore Various Locations of Motiongate Dubai within your Budget

If you are an ardent admirer of Hollywood movies, you should explore Motiongate. In the design of renowned film studios, the amusement park with Hollywood influences builts and is situates in Dubai Resorts and Parks. When you enter Motiongate’s surroundings, you’ll experience as though you’ve been transport to the various movie sets of a lot of well-known Hollywood productions. With the advantage of low Motiongate tickets, you can see how these kinds of productions’ greatest moments records. Along with the Studio Central area, the Motiongate Amusement Park is structured into the different zones listed below.

a) Studio Central:

Studio Central, the first site on your Motiongate tour, is an official remembrance of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This first zone takes you behind the scenes of a functioning movie studio in the past and includes a genuine New York City film set. Experience the real Hollywood at Studio Central, where you can learn about the miracle of filmmaking, take in theatrical premiere performances, and experience standard executive offices with reasonable Motiongate tickets.

b) Columbia Picture Studio Zone:

The Columbia Pictures Zone, which consists of a total of seven attractions, will undoubtedly give you the chills as you go through the homes of some of Hollywood’s weirdest characters. Hold on tight as you start a Green Hornet-style increased chase. Participate in a supernatural war with the Ghostbusters to defend New York City. Alternately, combat the Lycans alongside Selene, a vampire fighter from Underworld’s magical world. Discover a land full of adventure with Motiongate tickets, such as a family water ride, roller coasters, and engaging performances where ghosts prowl, zombies govern, and meatballs rain down from the sky.

c) Dreamworks Studio Zone:

Dreamworks is not only one of Motiongate’s most well-known attractions, but it’s also among the most well-liked thematic areas based on Studio Illumination’s cartoons. Here, you may spend the day participating in various activities and even live performances that will make the day enjoyable for you. Your favorite characters from movies like Ghostbusters and Hotel Transylvania will be bring back to you on a number of rides. At the main entrance of the DreamWorks Studio Zone, which is accessible with specific Motiongate tickets, characters from Hollywood blockbusters like Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda greet you.

d) Smurfs Village:

The Smurfs Village Zone, the very last zone of Motiongate Amusement Park, is where visitors can frequently spot numerous Smurfs personalities. From the Hollywood blockbuster and offers a wide range of activities for both adults and kids. There is certain to be something that will make your inner child shriek with glee. Whether you want to ride on among the Ferris wheels decorated in Smurfs or have some shish kebabs while admiring the picturesque views of Old Montreal. You may visit the Smurf Berry Farm, Woodland Garden, the Smurf Village Playhouse adventure, and other activities. With your Motiongate tickets, you can also use the Smurf Village Express to explore the Smurf Village.

e) Lionsgate Studio Zone:

Lionsgate aims to launch a distinct travel zone with a thrilling motion-simulation ride for followers of such movies. The Lionsgate Studio Zone, the third Zone of Motiongate Amusement Park, has three facilities altogether. The Lionsgate Studio zone will provide you with both enjoyment and memories, whether you choose to take an aerial trip to the picturesque city of Panem or ride the bullet train in circles to the Capitol. Four different scenarios with John Wick or Harry Potter being chase after by antagonists allow for access to the ride four times during the movie.

Why visit Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate stands apart from the competition due to the fact that no other park in the world is exclusively devotes to Hollywood studios. Its proximity to other theme parks, such as Bollywood and LEGOLAND, adds to its attraction. Each of the four distinct zones represents the most well-known Hollywood studios. The park is undoubtedly creates with a focus on children. Nevertheless, everyone can enjoy a trip to this park. Adults would certainly prefer to visit The Lions Gate. There are numerous cafes and eateries in this area. The Columbia Pictures Zone features rides modeled after films like Zombieland.


The addition of Motiongate Dubai has given Dubai another feather in its crown as it gets closer to becoming the global center of entertainment. Each of the five zones in the theme park is devotes to one of the largest Hollywood production companies. Motiongate Dubai aptly referred to as Hollywood in the Desert and features breathtaking rides with reasonably priced Motiongate tickets.

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