Study abroad Scholarships (2023) for Indian Students

Quality education has become as crucial as any other essential commodity in today’s world. Education, like food and water, has evolved; without it, a human may not have a good existence. Education is given significant weightage in the human development index. As a result, Indians nowadays are not only limited to Indian universities. Still, they are also seeking to go overseas for higher education. However, studying abroad can be costly if your financial situation is weak. But that should not deter you from pursuing your dream of studying abroad! According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, one can still study abroad provided they apply for a scholarship

Scholarships are available from both the Indian government and foreign universities. A scholarship will not only help you pay for your school, but it will also improve your job prospects. Let’s look at the scholarships that Indian students might apply for in 2023-24.

Scholarships for education in Europe and the United States

One should not pass up the opportunity to apply for an Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship if one wants to study anywhere in the United States or Europe. These scholarships are specifically created for Indian students who want to study abroad in Europe or North America. This scolrhaship has a long history; it was given to Indian students in 1976, so they may study at prestigious universities in the US, the UK, and Europe. These requirements must be met for applicants to be eligible to receive funds from this program:

  • The applicant must be enrolled full-time in a master’s, doctoral, or MPhil program.
  • Applicants must be Indian citizens under the age of 30 at the time of application. It means that, for the 2023 scholarships, applicants must have been born on January 1st, 1993, or later.
  • The standard expectation for candidates is that they have a good first degree from an accredited Indian university.

Scholarship amount: USD 100,000.

Australian academic scholarships for study

Study abroadconsultants claim that Australian colleges are becoming increasingly popular among Indian students who want to study abroad. The following scholarships are available to people looking for opportunities to study in Australia:

Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Indian Students at the University of Adelaide –

  • This grant is only available to applicants for studies at the University of Adelaide. The student must be enrolled in postgraduate studies.
  • AUD 30,000 will be awarded in scholarships.

Scholarship at the University of Queensland –

  • This award is primarily for students applying to Queensland universities to study chemistry and biomolecular science. The candidate must be an Indian student enrolled in a chemistry or biomolecular science postgraduate program to be eligible for the fellowship.
  • Scholarship award: The scholarship will pay 25% of tuition and extracurricular fees.

Scholarships for studying in the United Kingdom

  • Scholarships for International Students at Heriot-Watt University – This scholarship is available to Indian students who apply between September and January. Scholarships will be given in the form of £1,500 in fee reductions following the terms of the scholarship.
  • OCSI Scholarships – This scholarship is available to all Indian students of any degree level who wish to study at Oxford University. The applicant will also be eligible for the scholarship if they apply to the University of Cambridge. A cash incentive of up to 3,000,000 Indian rupees is given to the qualified applicant.
  • Sussex India scholarships – This option is accessible to Indian students seeking master’s degrees at UK universities. The applicants for the Sussex India Scholarships will each receive a total grant of £3,000.
  • Sheffield University– Students with outstanding academic potential who apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Sheffield University are offered various scholarship incentives. Postgraduate students, for example, are offered a £2,500 scholarship. On the other hand, undergraduate students can receive a scholarship worth 50% of their tuition.
  • LSE Commonwealth Shared Scholarship– According to the LCSSS, international students from Commonwealth nations are eligible for five awards. Because India is a member of the Commonwealth, Indian students can also apply for this grant. The abroad study scholarship covers tuition, the master’s thesis, and travel expenses.

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