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Can you think of anything else that’s the same as weddings, wine tours, a night out, and airport pickups and dropoffs? Limousine service you hire in Connecticut should provide a positive experience for each of its customers.

We know that every event deserves a smooth ride, whether it’s an airport transfer or a wedding limo. We don’t want any surprises! It is our pleasure to inform you that all limo companies in CT provide good customer service and high quality vehicles.

However, this is not the case in any business industry.

Luxury vehicles are subject to a wide range of customer service and maintenance standards.

What you need to know about 5 crucial questions

To ensure you get the best limousine service in Connecticut, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most crucial questions to ask.

The first thing we want to point out is that you should visit a limo service and see for yourself what kind of vehicles they offer. Understanding how the car service works is easier if you see it firsthand.

Based on the horror stories our clients have shared with us, here are our recommendations if you can’t see the vehicles.

Are the Prices Same?

The first thing you should ask is whether the rental fee is all inclusive. No one likes surprises. If you estimate one price and are hit with a higher price, you’ll be disappointed. We provide all-inclusive prices, including the gratuity for the chauffeur, at Cape Cod Car Service.

limousine service connecticut

If you want extra amenities with your limousine service, you may want to talk to the company. For example, some companies provide snacks, disposable cameras, and other amenities with their services.

With your limousine ride, you can enjoy these additional amenities.

If your vehicles are regularly serviced, how often do you have them done?

You should be confident that your limousine rental is in pristine condition, whether you are taking your teenager to his first prom, taking your date out for an elegant dinner, or attending a business meeting.

Similarly, no one likes to worry about making their flight, business meeting, or dancing in a so-called luxury vehicle. Whether it’s our 56-passenger buses or our black car sedans, Cape Cod Car Service maintains each vehicle meticulously. Identifying mechanical problems is our job!

To ensure that our vehicles are in excellent running condition, we provide scheduled monthly vehicle services. Because we are extremely proud of our fleet of luxury limos and buses. We can’t imagine any one of them not performing optimally all the time. Our vehicle maintenance schedule is rigorous because of this reason.

When it comes to hiring a limo service connecticut, make sure that you hire one that offers a first class experience.

Insured or Uninsured?

You can rest assured that a reputable limousine service connecticut complies with all federal and state laws, which will ensure your safety. Ground transportation companies will show you their licenses without question, from driver background checks and drug screenings to commercial liability and collision insurance through the Department of Transportation.

limo service connecticut

There’s no doubt you’re dealing with professionals when you see this. Our staff is required to stay up to date on the current safety trends and laws at our company, so that we can ensure that you are safe at all times!

Does limo service Connecticut hire professional chauffeurs?

It may surprise you to learn that not all drivers have been trained! Another way to distinguish a reputable limousine service from one that makes money by cutting corners is by their car size.

A professional driver is the only one hired by luxury limo service Connecticut. Our high standards for customer service do not allow anything less. In addition, our chauffeurs adhere to a dress code, which ensures that they are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Other chauffeurs have often been casually dressed and even disgruntled, according to our customers! There is always a very high level of politeness and attention from Luxe Limo Service chauffeurs. In addition to having their class D license, our drivers also possess their chauffeur’s license.

How to Save Money with Luxury car service?

Is it possible for me to ride with a group of friends?

There is a predetermined seating capacity for your limousine rental. This means the maximum number of people the vehicle can accommodate. It is not necessarily the most comfortable number. To ensure everyone is happy, it’s better to reserve an executive limo service CT that can comfortably seat more people.

When you’re cramming people into a luxury limousine instead of leaving room for your own belongings and personal space, you’re not enjoying the ride.

Book your limo service connecticut with us if you’re looking for the best limo experience in town.

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