Greatest WWE Wrestlers

Who are the best WWE Greatest wrestlers of 21st Century who are they and how they were selected . If we see the past few years of World wrestling Entertainment its different number of Wrestlers who joined but very few of them get the fame . Today we are going to bring you the list of some wrestlers who created history who made the wrestling world bigger by their Attributes . Greatest WWE Wrestlers of 21st Century.

Greatest WWE Wrestlers

Stone Cold and Undertaker the first three wrestlers we have selected these three got millions of fans all around the world and most people love to see them in action .

The Rock :
The Rock , aka Dwayne Johnson is one of the mainframe headlines of WWE , he is always special for the fan every time he made a comeback there is huge noise background from his fans in the arena . Today he is engaged once again with WWE and working as Super star , not appear every just made limited matches appearances . He is always the people champ . He was number 1 in our 21st Century Greatest Wrestlers list.

The Undertaker :
Undertaker “the dead man walking” he is the legend in Wrestling still give appearances but very limited . He is the most expensive wrestlers of all time in WWE . The way he entertain his fans of wrestling , millions of people love to see him fighting . He is the real charm of WWE for years .

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Stone Cold the best of the best , one of the biggest wrestlers in the world entertainment . When every he made his appearances the crowed goes made chant “Austin 3:16” . A very long period of time Steve Austin hold the record of the World Heavyweight championship.

John Cena:
If some takes control of the 2010-2015. Era of Wrestling then its John Cena who made it happen.  He is now the most popular and richest WWE Wrestlers of all time . John Cena got highest wrestling fan followers all around the world. He is among the top wrestlers who made WWE events bigger with their wrestling attributes and skills . How much wwe paid prizemoney  to wrestlers.

Randy Orton:
Orton is one of the most dangerous wrestlers in WWE currently working . Randy has got a massive career record in the WWE from past 6 years they way he trained him self feuds with John Cena , Tripple H , and CM Punk brings him in the top wrestlers list .

Masked Kane :
We remember the time when Kane used to come in the Mask , he is big , strong and very much popular among the WWE fans he made entrance which attracted his fans . Now days Kane not wears the masked but according to a internet survey the masked Kane is most popular wrestlers of all time.

Hulk Hogan :
Hulk Hogan might not seen very much now days on WWE , but his era time when was fighting during career in (World Wide Wrestling Federation) he got biggest wrestling following at the time . He mostly called with name “Hulkmania”. When he feud with WWE wrestler The Rock in “Wrestlemania” the record of seating capacity in the Arena is broken its one of biggest fights in his career . Now days if you still his wrestling style fan you will find him fighting over in TNA (Total Non-stp Action). Find more about wwe wrestlers salaries at sportspayouts.

Dave Batista :
Therefore If some one taken a fame in the Wrestling industry. In very short period of time then it is non other then Batista. However he is part of Revolution and trained by Tripple H. Later he start fighting single and defeated Randy Orton for the World Heavy weight title . He got the fastest winning record in WWE Wrestling . Batista followed mostly after John Cena in Wrestling. He mostly called with the nickname of “The Animal” in wrestling sports.

Brock Lesnar:
However Brock Lesnar is totally a great fighter , he worked as Mixed Martial Arts married to the WWE Diva “Sable” in 2006. Lesnar made his appearance with Paul Heyman the man who manages matches at WWE. Wrestler Signed 1 year contract with WWE in 2014 worth of $5 Million which made the highest paid Wrestlers in WWE 2014. Greatest WWE Wrestlers of 21st Century.

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