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Darjeeling, a hill station in northern West Bengal, was a beautiful holiday destination for the British and the affluent Indians alike before India became independent. With the exquisite views of Kanchenjunga, the taste of world-famous Darjeeling tea, and trekking into strange hilly ways, there are several sites one can say to be one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling. If visiting here for the first time, look at some northeast tour packages from the most dependable travel companies.

The most beautiful environment of the best places of interest in Darjeeling will quench your wanderlust and give you the experience to remember for a lifetime. 

8 Best Places To Visit In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the destinations the British used to spend their summer vacation on. Therefore, it still has some of the old colonial feel in some parts. However, the new age has made its impression too. It is also a destination for nature lovers, honeymooners, and generic tourists. 

The hospitality and services have increased here with new hotels, restaurants, and rest houses – but mostly all the tourists look at the same places to visit in Darjeeling. Some of these well-known sites that often feature in the many top 8 places to visit in Darjeeling lists are presented below:

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Dhr)

The quaint rail path is one of the most coveted sightseeing places in Darjeeling and is a must-see item in several Darjeeling package programs. It’s a 2-feet narrow gauge toy train track covering the distance between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. The passengers get beautiful views of the valley between the 88 kilometres of steam railway gushing within the hillside.

This historical tourist destination in Darjeeling was established between 1879 – 1881 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 for its significance as one of Darjeeling’s famous places. The DHR toy train ride offers relaxation and adventure in one go. Riding on this train is one of the top things to cross off in your Darjeeling visit. 

2. The Surreal Tiger Hill

One of the best places to visit in Darjeeling, Tiger Hill is a full package for the nature lover. The charismatic few of the first sun rays touching Mount Everest and experiencing the morning unfurling as a flow of molten gold – are well worth the chilling cold. For the shutterbugs, the camera settings and shutter speed needs to be fixed to capture the hypnotic scene happening in the blink of an eye in one of the top places to visit in Darjeeling.

You can also see different peaks from the hill point. It is open from dawn to sunset, and the best time to visit is March to September. 

3. Batasia Loop

It’s a stunning toy train pathway in almost every Darjeeling tour package as one of the must-visit places. Set among the lavish green–filled mountainside to reduce the DHR elevation, the Batasia loop offers striking views and a snowy glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the surrounding valley.

The meandering spiral loops, the surrounding valley, charming little shops, and the overall dreamy scenery make it among Darjeeling’s best places to visit. Artists are known to choose this location to create scenery masterpieces.

Experienced travellers recommend visiting this place after witnessing the most beautiful sunrise of Tiger Hill to enjoy the full spectrum of the flower carpet leading up to Batasia Hill. The spiral railway track is one of the stable items in any northeast package.

4. Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Ropeway

Do you want to witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga in all its glory? Then it would be best if you came to Singamari, one of Darjeeling’s top tourist places, for its exclusive ropeway. It was built in 1968 and has been a prominent part of Northeast India tour packages.

The visitors can see the exquisite landscapes, fertile tea estates, lush flora and fauna that takes your breath away, and the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga and Everest – in short, the whole spectrum of this hill station by choosing this must-visit site.

The cable cars take their passengers from the Singamari North Point to Singla Bazaar at an altitude of 7000 feet and give them enough chances to click some stunning pictures of the vibrant beauty of this town. It starts at 10 AM in summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter; but closes at 4 PM in winter and monsoon and 2 PM in summer and autumn, respectively. 

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5. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park:

Another treat for nature lovers looking to enjoy the most exquisite and rarest of fauna and flora of Darjeeling is the Padmaja Naidu zoological park. It features some of the largest populations of snow leopards and fares as one of the top places in Darjeeling you can visit.

Located down from the Jawahar road, it is one of the top Darjeeling places you can visit with children. You can see some intriguing wildlife in this zoo, including Himalayan bears, clouded leopards, red pandas, and Tibetan wolves. It’s open from 5 AM to 9 PM, and the best month to visit Darjeeling for this attraction is March to September. 

6. Rimbik

It is a small town famous for its trekking routes and features as one of Darjeeling’s beautiful places among unconventional voyagers, and it is slowly gaining popularity. It is a part of the busiest and most famous Sandakphu and Singalila National Park, one of the prime and top places in Darjeeling that trekkers line up to visit. They can discover the home of Red Panda on the way to Sandakphu and enjoy nature’s serenity at its best.

If you want to experience this place, March to November (spring to winter) will give you the best weather to visit Darjeeling. You can take a detour to other places from this route.

7. Peace Pagoda

Are you among the culture vultures who gobble up the beauty of any architectural or aesthetic establishment representing a culture? Then, Peace Pagoda should be one of the top places in Darjeeling on your visit list. It is a beautiful monument depicting the four Avatars of Lord Buddha and is located near the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple.

Despite the religious difference, it attracts people from everywhere and of all religions who come to bask in the spiritual calm and love it offers. Even for sightseeing, it is one of the best places to go in Darjeeling, with stunning views. It remains open from 4:30 AM to 7 PM and is free for all to enter.

8. Darjeeling Kali Temple

Another one of the best tourist places in Darjeeling depicting the worship and fulfilling religious experience of Hindu goddesses is the Darjeeling Kali temple. A large number of tourists, including the faithful, visit this place all over the year.

If you are looking for Darjeeling places to visit in December, visiting this site will be the most beautiful experience. The temple features stunning interiors and celebrates several festivals like Navaratri with full–fledged enthusiasm.

It charges no entry fee and is situated near the river. People can visit several best places of Darjeeling, but they can come for free and pray to the goddess anytime.

Hire The Best Trip Planners In India

It is the best thing if you have a relative or friend staying in Darjeeling or adjacent places. They will be able to guide you and let you know about the beautiful places few tourists know about. However, for other travelers, it is best to contact and choose among the packages the best trip planners in India offer.

They will know the most interesting places and help you have a memorable trip. Moreover, the best tour planner in India can provide quick assistance if you face any unpleasant situation in an unknown place.

There are several trip planners in India on the internet, but it should be worthwhile to search and be sure about the travel planner in India you are choosing.

It is better to visit their local branch office to get the latest information and venues their India trip planner offers. They have a complete list of trips specially curated for the wanderlust soul.

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