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The mountain chalet style is a decoration that evokes warm interiors and ski holidays. Giving priority to nature, friendliness and authenticity, it makes you travel to the foot of the mountains while staying at home! Inspired by traditional wooden chalets, it brings a cocooning atmosphere thanks to its authentic materials and furniture, its natural colors and its friendly spaces. Discover in this guide some decorative tips to create a mountain chalet atmosphere in a modern home.

A mountain decoration in an interior relies heavily on the choice of materials. The place is left here to raw and natural materials, to rediscover the charm of rustic decoration.

Wood is the dominant element. From the floor to the ceiling, it is used abundantly through the parquet, the beams, the frame, the roof, the furniture and as well as the walls, in the form of paneling . Wood is appreciated for its warmth and naturalness. All the subtlety will be to balance the shades of wood well, to keep harmony and make sure not to darken the space too much.

Stone is a perfect complement to accompany wood and reconnect with the winter atmosphere of chalets. Mineral, aesthetic and authentic, natural stone gives temperament to an interior. Stone walls and worktops are sure to hit the mark. In a bathroom, it can be elegantly applied to the wall tiles or across the basin.

Other materials also have their say in a mountain chalet-style apartment or house. This is the case of metal which adds a touch of industrial style or fabrics which create a cozy nest to spend the winter warm.

Wooden furniture with an authentic design

Inseparable from the mountain chalet style, wooden furniture brings character and warmth. To accentuate this rustic spirit, we can bet on more traditional furniture such as a large farmhouse table or oak monastery table in the dining room, which we complete with designer chairs for a slightly more chic spirit. Get examples here on! Friendly furniture, a dream companion for raclette evenings in winter!

All rooms in the house are affected. The bathroom, for example, which can bet on wooden storage furniture, as well as the bedroom, which will be prepared with a sumptuous solid wood bed decorated with soft bed linen.

Traditional decorations

Ready to seriously play the mountain chalet style card? Adopt decorative accessories on the theme of the mountain! Here is a hodgepodge of ideas for imagining a ski resort atmosphere decoration or wooden cabin perched at altitude:

  • A traditional wooden sledge , hung on the wall or converted into a coffee table
  • Vintage skis that you lean against or hang on the wall
  • Old snowshoes _
  • A large rug in the shape of animal skin
  • A pile of wood logs by the fireplace or in a recess in the wall
  • A fake hunting trophy
  • Frames and paintings on the world of the mountain with snowy landscapes

Set up a fireplace

Arranging a relaxation area near a heat source is ideal for recreating this cozy corner that fits perfectly with the image of mountain chalets. Traditional fireplaces always have a nice effect, even if we also like wood stoves, which attract attention and warm the atmosphere.

Soften with fabrics

A mountain chalet atmosphere must satisfy all homebodies to generate well-being in the interior. What could be better then to wrap yourself in a blanket or duvet, a hot chocolate in one hand, your book in the other, to spend a delicious moment of relaxation?

This is also why the multiplication of textiles in the different rooms of the house will be particularly appreciable. Decorate the set with cushions, plaids, and a long-haired rug for the pleasure of walking barefoot, even in winter. Plaids and faux fur blankets, for example, will bring a cozy side. They also have the ability to soften the decoration and somewhat counteract the rusticity of the wood.


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