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Buying jewelry is more complex than many people think. You must research the best jewelry stores to get the best jewelry service. Jewelry by Alex is among the jewelry stores that offer unique custom design jewelry. You can go wrong by choosing this professional jewelry store. So, what kinds of jewelry products and services should you expect from jewelry Alex? Keep reading this post to get insights on this jewelry store. 

What Makes Jewelry by Alex Great? 

Alex and Company is a family business that offers high-quality and affordable jewelry. Boston Jewelry stores have always stood out for providing outstanding products to customers in Massachusetts and worldwide. Below are some attributes that make Alex and Co. a great jewelry store in Boston. 

1. Certification 

Certification is among the many things that Alex and Company offer customers who want to buy jewelry. Whenever you are looking for a reliable jewelry store in Boston, it is essential to check whether it has certifications from authoritative institutions. Certifications mean that the materials used to design jewelry are of high quality. This is usually a standard for determining the quality of items used to create custom jewelry. The diamonds used in newton jewelers are genuine. We also use other gemstones too, which are constantly tested in the GIA labs to establish if they are authentic. The metals used are also tested to ensure they are of the right quality and weight. 

2. Jewelry by Alex has come a long way. 

What contributes to the list of successful businesses at Alex and Company is the years of experience that come from being in the jewelry industry. Being a family business, Alex and Company have always given customers what they need. This is the only Company that comes close to the jewelry Alex offers. With over 50 years of experience, we offer high-quality jewelry with numerous designs. No matter the type of jewelry piece you need, Alex and Company are always there to provide. Jewelers at Alex and Co. are highly skilled in designing authentic and unique jewelry for all occasions and preferences.

3. Variety of custom jewelry designs 

It is always on point, offering many designs that other jewelry stores need to provide. We constantly research the best methods to ensure our customers are always satisfied. All our Newton jewelers are highly qualified and licensed to design unique custom design products. Materials used to create our pieces are tested to check whether they meet the required standards set by GIA. This is the recommended lab for quality assurance in the United States and other world regions. Whether you are looking for custom-designed rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or watches, Alex’s jewelry is always available. 

4. Insurance 

Not everyone can afford to buy jewelry in cash, no matter how much they desire to buy jewelry. Jewelry by Alex has made it easier for customers to afford expensive custom-designed jewelry by offering jewelry insurance. Depending on the budget, customers get affordable insurance plans that guarantee flexibility. You can have the jewelry piece that you have always desired without straining financially. 

5. Jewelry by Alex comes with various services. 

An excellent jewelry store offers extra jewelry services to its customers. When you buy jewelry from Alex and Company, you can rest easy knowing that repairs are available. Resize your necklace or ring if it doesn’t fit. Alex and Company offer such services to its clients. Other benefits include pearl restringing services and repairs for damaged jewelry pieces. 

6. Delivery services 

Many people want their jewelry products delivered to their homes because they offer convenience. If you buy jewelry from Alex and want it delivered to your doorstep, you can count on us to provide this service perfectly and on time. Unlike other jewelers, you will get precisely what you ordered. Our return policy ensures that the customer is always satisfied. Once you order from us, the item will take exactly the stipulated time to reach your premises. You can also have your jewelry delivered to your recipient. 


Whether you are looking for unique jewelry pieces to dress for a special occasion or want to expand your jewelry collection, you can count on jewelry by Alex to provide the best custom design jewelry. We have been doing this for years and have everything it takes to create high-quality, unique jewelry pieces. If you need more money to pay cash, it also offers financing that allows customers to pay in flexible payment plans. 

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