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When you hear Goa, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Adventure, Beaches, and food are the main attractions. However, Goa is not just this. There are numerous caves, waterfalls, and forts in it. You can only find Goa’s many undiscovered gems with the assistance of a Goa Travel Agency. Goa is India’s smallest state, yet it still attracts a lot of visitors. You need the finest travel agency if this is your first time visiting. Goa is not what you had imagined or heard it to be. Let’s discuss some interesting locations in Goa.

Here Are 5 Lesser-Known Locations In Goa

The Goa Travel Agency offers completely customized packages. They provide you with a variety of options depending on your needs. These lesser-known but stunning Goa locations can be incorporated into your package if you’d like.

1. Fort Tiracol

This fort is perfect for you if you enjoy the gorgeous scenery. One of the unknown areas in Goa is Fort Tiracol. One of the attractions to exploring Fort Tiracol is the proximity to Arambol Beach, which is around 30 minutes away.

2. The Arvalem Caves

Five Pandava brothers are said to have lived in the Arvalem Caves. Three of the five chambers in this cave are dedicated to shrines. The Arvalem waterfalls are the centerpiece of the Arvalem caves.

3. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

This location is ideal for animal lovers. The splendor of various environments, including flying lizards, flying squirrels, heart-spotted woodpeckers, and more, can be seen here.

4. Chorla Ghats

If you’re scared of animals, exit the wildlife reserve and go to Chorla Ghats. The Chorla Ghats is a place for adventure. It involves going on hikes, seeing birds, and taking in the beauty of nature.

5. Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a gift from nature. Take a quick visit to the Bamanbudo waterfalls if you want stunning photos for your social media. One of Goa’s hidden gems, the Bamanbudo waterfalls, may be found with the Goa Travel Agency’s assistance.

When Is a Good Time to Book a Trip to Goa?

Both tranquillity and chaos Ness coexist in Goa. No matter what time of day you go, you will always be surrounded by tourists. In general, Goa is overloaded with tourists in the summer because of the summer break. However, apart from summer, you may also book Goa Travel Agency in below mentioned seasons.

  1. Experts advise making reservations for Goa Travel Agency a bit early if you intend to visit Goa during the summer season, from March to May. Due to the strong demand for superior services and the varying costs, they can already be fully booked. If you want the summers to stand out, make your reservations with Goa Travel Agency at least 15 days in advance.

  2. The best time to admire Goa’s beauty is during the monsoon. The number of tourists wasn’t at its highest at that time. You will see the frequent rain showers, emphasizing Goa’s beauty. Due to rain-like conditions, a few of the activities might not be effective. However, Goa’s energy is unaffected by the weather. You can reach out to the Goa Travel Agency five to ten days in advance during monsoon season. Your trip will be optimized for cost.

  3. Another busy time of year is winter. Winter is the ideal season to take in Goa’s splendor. Both the sun and the air temperature are not oppressively hot or cold. Winter is well-known for its late-night activities.


There are different packages for the Goa trip if you are book from a well-known Goa Travel Agency. For your family or friends, or as a couple, they will arrange your trip as per your budget and requirements.

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