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One of the best things a person can do is travel and explore different countries. Traveling educates people a lot about who they are, the places they visit, and how to maintain discipline. Many South Africans make plans and apply for a Schengen visa each year, whether it’s to travel for vacation or any other reason. The two main factors in scheduling a vacation are the trip’s expense and applying for the visa on time. 

Many people search whether they can make a flight reservation for a visa without payment during the time of visa processing. As a ticket holds great value for flying, having an original ticket is not advisable if the visa is under processing. We recommend purchasing a dummy ticket which saves money. While the answer to this query is yes, an applicant can make a flight reservation without buying the actual fight ticket by following these simple steps:                                                                                     

  • Give your travel agency a call or go to the Visa Reservation website.
  • Describe your flight details for travel.
  • Have the flight schedule sent to your email.

The applicant must remember that the flight schedule is transitory when applying for a flight reservation. Flight itineraries are only issued for a short time. Thus, he must acquire the original ticket as early as possible to avoid any disturbance in the trip planning.

Guide for the Applicant:

Planning and experiencing a trip is memorable and enjoyable. But if things go differently than planned, it can ruin the trip. Here are some actionable tips you can take to make your vacation easy to manage and reasonably priced:

  • Plan the trip (destination and duration).
  • Have good research on the country you plan to visit.
  • Calculate the costs, which include: the budget for exploring different places in the country you visit, visa application expenses, travel insurance, hotel reservation, shopping, etc.
  • Apply for the visa well before you plan to schedule a trip during your vacation.

The visa application process may take longer than anticipated. Thus, the applicant must submit their application two months before the requested time frame for their flight. So that everything is manageable for the applicant and the process is easy.

Necessary Documents For Visa Application:

When the applicant plans to apply for a visa, the necessary documents required for the application process are as follows:

  • The applicant must carefully study the visa application, fill it out, and submit it.
  • When submitting the necessary documents for the visa application, the applicant must be vigilant.
  • Passports, IDs, and photographs must be submitted by checking their expiry and renewal dates. The pictures must be recent.
  • As the applicant is applying for a visa, submission of a cover letter is necessary. The cover letter must be clear, and the applicant must state that he will return to his home country once the purpose is fulfilled. Many applicants need to correct a mistake when writing a cover letter. It must be written in a format that the applicant is speaking to the officer. The cover letter is a deciding factor in half of the visa application procedure.
  • The applicant must also present evidence of adequate financial resources with their visa application. These documents are being submitted to make sure the applicant has the resources necessary to travel to the Schengen nations.
  • Proof of accommodation is necessary for the applicant, and it is relaxing at the same time. Landing in any country, the first thing that arises is where to go and relax. Making hotel reservations before landing in the country is necessary to avoid panic situations.
  • Dummy travel insurance for visa must be submitted and attained as it benefits an applicant in multiple ways.

Common Mistakes Applicants Of South Africa Make While Applying For A Schengen Visa:

As citizens of South Africa apply for the Schengen visa, they need to check their documents. The statement recorded by the visa officer states that they need to keep a check on little things, such as the Name on the passport and ID would be different. If they need to submit educational documents, they offer unverified documents. 

They need to submit the correct travel information. As the applicant is applying for a visa which obviously means he has to fly, it is mandatory to submit accurate travel information and data as the visa application demands.

Another common mistake the citizens of South Africa make is that they need to apply for the correct visa. Therefore, it is necessary to read the visa application carefully; every field of the application must be filled out and read carefully. They must check the visa category for which they are applying to avoid any inconvenience at the end of the visa application process. 

These are the common mistakes an applicant applying from anywhere around the globe may make. But as this is a guide for the applicants applying from South Africa, addressing these issues is necessary to make their visa process smooth and quick.


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