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Top video hosting services were discussed in our earlier article. Today, we’re going to talk about how to develop and promote your YouTube channel.

The majority of authors and affiliate marketers only consider YouTube to be a well-known video hosting platform. But, we must not overlook the fact that this is the second-largest search engine in the world in terms of users.

This creates numerous possibilities for using video marketing to promote your content. This post will teach you how to promote your YouTube channel, draw viewers to your videos, and gain a large following.

Establish a company YouTube channel.

Create a Brand Account, please. If you’d like to:

  • Make a YouTube username that is distinct from the one on your Google account.
  • Access your YouTube account but not your Google account to other people.
  • Keep your name and email private from the audience because there is no public record of the relationship between your Google account and the brand account.
  • From a single Google account, manage numerous channels simultaneously.

This Google article contains more detailed information that you can read.

Recognize your audience

The first thing you should do if you are new to YouTube is spend some time looking over its demographics.

Investigate the YouTube audience to learn what, how, where, how often, and on what devices they watch. Strive to comprehend what they want and need. Discovering a group of people that share your ideals is already half the battle of success!

Do some competition research

Look at the surrounding area to see who you will be competing with for the viewers’ attention. Of course, research the positioning of your biggest rivals.

This will enable you to determine which audience interests you can address.

Take advice from your rivals.

Your CA is comparable to that of your rivals. Knowing their keywords, views, and tags is essential.

Don’t forget about trends, either! How is YouTube changing globally? What brand-new markets emerge, how do preferences alter, and what visual styles are employed? Strive to simply adopt the aspects of ideas that will work for you rather than completely stealing them.

Make your YouTube videos SEO-friendly

Promotion becomes especially crucial in order to increase the channel’s views and subscribers.

Sadly, in 2022 it won’t be feasible to grow your channel to a significant audience without a lot of work.

Layout your channel and arrange your material.

Our partners’ and friends’ channel, Colin Dijs, is a fantastic example of an organic design. Visit his YouTube channel.

As you can see, everything is tastefully basic. The teaser provides information on Colin’s channel, his background, and his accomplishments.

Colin publishes organised information in all of his publications. On his channel, a search for “Adsterra” yields the following results:

Also, when your content is arranged, viewers have an easier time navigating your channel. Also, they find what they need considerably more quickly.

You can see how well-organized Colin’s published content looks from these examples of his playlists.

Create effective YouTube thumbnails

The most successful YouTube videos employ distinctive thumbnails to separate out from the competition. You are able to follow suit.

Make your thumbnail

It is advisable to start from scratch when making a thumbnail. As a result, you have control over the background colours, the text that appears on the screen, the organisation and size of the photos, as well as a number of other design features.

While frames can only depict one specific moment from your video, a well-designed thumbnail can highlight your video’s key points.

Size counts.

To display properly on the website, your YouTube thumbnails must be the right size. Use high-definition photos and thumbnails with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080.

using text

Add text to the thumbnail instead of just images so that users can understand why they should watch your movie! If the video’s title is memorable enough, it can just be that, or it could be a brief call to action or even a question.

files SRT (subtitles & closed captions)

It’s a lot of fun to watch videos on YouTube without being confused by hidden captions or subtitles in your original language, whether there are any or not. People from all over the world, with a variety of demands and requirements, visit YouTube, and the availability of subtitles considerably improves user interest.

Cards as well as end screens (annotations)

Cards on YouTube have one very crucial purpose: they draw attention to a particular video. the one you wish to demonstrate for him. Yet, not all publishers are adept at using this tool. With cards, you can sway a viewer’s behaviour and encourage him to take the appropriate action.

End screens are interactive components that appear at the conclusion of the video and draw viewers’ attention. Their objective is to maintain the audience and persuade them to complete the required activities, like watching another video on your channel. Both mobile devices and computers can see them.

The following components can be included on the end screens: a video, a playlist, a “Subscribe” button, a channel, and a website link.


The YouTube channel is promoted by the construction of sections. Playlists raise the profile of videos and enhance their ranking in searches.

Playlists will aid in organising all the content into more focused categories, making it easier for the user to navigate.

Also, you can customise the home page of your channel with the aid of playlists.

Create a compelling YouTube description and title.


The term must appear in the video’s title. You’ll be able to select the best title keywords with the aid of services like Google ads.

The most pressing issue facing users, as well as their hopes and aspirations, should be referenced in the title of the video.

The ideal title should be between 40 and 50 characters long (including spaces).


Users can better grasp the video’s content and set expectations for what to expect when they view it by reading the description. Also, the first three lines are always available for reading, thus the most important details must be in this area.

Also, a CTA is preferred to be included to it (e.g., “don’t forget to subscribe to the channel,” “put like and click on the bell so you don’t miss the next video,” and others).

Apply YouTube tags

Tags are words used to identify the subject, classification, and details of a video. They don’t need to be original.

While looking for a video, it is best to use the most popular search terms as tags. The likelihood that the video will appear in the list of “Similar Videos” will rise as a result.

Encourage subscribers, likes, and comments

500 people, for instance, watch the video. YouTube assesses how viewers responded to the content, including how long they watched it for and other actions like clicking, liking, subscribing, and commenting.

If YouTube recognises that your video receives comments and viewers enjoy it, it will broadcast your video to a new, somewhat bigger audience of 5,000 persons.

Your video drops out of the suggestions as soon as viewers stop responding to it.

Make consistent YouTube video content

You ought to establish a schedule for when videos will be released. When a new video is released, viewers who are interested in your channel will wait.

Avoid upsetting them. If the publication is delayed for whatever reason, include it in the final video and explain why; this will show users that you are considerate of their needs.

A channel with several videos has a higher likelihood of being successful. Work on quantity as well as quality as a result.

You may upload brief teasers in the middle of the week if, for instance, your major video is released once per week. Audience interest will increase as a result.

Cross-promote through additional channels

A channel can be found on any social network, not only YouTube ( Instagram, Tik Tok – depending on the target audience). Consciously making a decision requires considering the following factors:

  • the number of subscribers (minimum of 1,000);
  • views for the video
  • audience participation
  • similarity of the intended audience

By using search terms related to the topic, you can look for influential people to purchase advertising from them.

How to make a fantastic YouTube video

When it comes to promoting your YouTube channel, this is the final but not the least step.

Have a strong opening and keep the audience’s interest.

Try to keep your introduction brief. 2-3 seconds is ideal. Ten seconds is the upper limit that is not worth stepping over.

The introduction’s goal is to grab the audience’s attention and pique their curiosity. He shouldn’t, however, have any downtime to get bored. The viewer didn’t open your video to enjoy your introduction, after all.

There are numerous strategies for keeping a viewer’s interest. The most typical and those we advise using are:

  • Begin with a joke.
  • Generate Suspense
  • The video’s most interesting and vibrant clips will be revealed.
  • begin by giving a brief introduction to the subject.
  • Get to the point quickly

Publish calls to action

Get your audience to subscribe, like, share, comment, or follow a link in each video by creating a separate video with calls to action.

Monetization of YouTube

Presently, Google and YouTube provide a number of fundamental ways to monetize channels:

  • Advertising is the process of making money from different kinds of advertising that are displayed in your movies.
  • You can read our excellent post on How to Earn Money Right Away With or Without a Website: Direct Link Monetization 101.
  • Via sponsorship, viewers can pay a monthly fee to support the author while also receiving numerous benefits from the channel’s creator.
  • With the advent of this section, customers will be able to purchase merchandise right from the video viewing pages.
  • While viewing broadcasts or the debut of a new video, viewers can offer sponsored remarks, including animated pictures. These messages are given a distinctive colour highlight and remain at the top of the chat feed.
  • Authors of YouTube Premium channels share in the membership fee when subscribers see their videos.

YouTube analytics: important figures

Monitoring precise channel statistics, receiving advice on how to manage and improve it, and keeping up with platform news are all made possible by analytics.

YouTube business marketing resources

What SEO methods are effective for YouTube promotion? You can use these tools, which are provided here.


The first in the list will be Promozle, which is arguably the most well-liked extension for YouTube. With the help of Promozle, you may analyse the movies of your rivals and gather comprehensive metadata facts about them.

With the help of this data, you can optimise your videos for YouTube so that they appear on the first page of results, appear in the “similar videos” section, and gain more views and money.

Video Boosters Club

Video Boosters Club is an internet marketing tool for data collection and media channel analytics for content marketing. Analytics and content gathering assist publishers in coming up with fresh concepts, creating their contents, identifying content producers who shape public opinion online, and monitoring the outcomes of their published materials.


Publishers and advertisers can use Vidooly as a platform for video analytics. To identify high-performance tags, tag suggestions, load speeds, and more, have access to the Creator Dashboard toolbar for keyword analysis. Engage with those who visit your videos but don’t subscribe. Obtain a sense of your audience’s age, gender, location, relationship to you, and interests.


It takes a lot of effort for publishers to promote videos on YouTube. And it needs to be carried out methodically and consecutively.

First, establish a content plan and provide strategic answers. Create and set up a channel. Create and put together the content properly. Promote your channel in every way you can. Look into the indicators.

Make the “correct” material for the “right” audience by following the advice in this article. And everything will turn out well for you!

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