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The moment the uploading bar starts to fill, you can almost taste it. 30%, 40%, 70%, 90%, and eventually 100%. Your most recent video is now available, sweetheart! This one is undoubtedly becoming popular. I’m about to become famous on YouTube, but nothing actually happens. It’s just that… it didn’t go viral. Days pass, and there are a few views, which isn’t a horrible number either. You can cover it through YouTube music video promotion.

Even though it may be simple to daydream about custom T-shirts bearing your face and PewDiePie numbers, the reality of YouTube is challenging. Make sure to cover all of your bases if you want to stand out, and YouTube music video promotion is only one of them.

When making videos, YouTube provides creators with a variety of tools, but are we using them to their fullest potential? Here are some suggestions for free YouTube music video promotion!

1. Use the cards system wisely

You frequently encounter these rectangles with CTAs in YouTube videos. Although they were made to link to other websites, they can be applied in several other ways. Make the most of them because they are adaptable and simple to use.

  • Promote other videos using them;
  • cite additional channels;
  • Make up for it;
  • even for humorous effects.

Use the cards on older content to link back to a specific video if you wish to advertise it through YouTube music video promotion.

The community team behind the video game Smite utilized the YouTube cards system to produce “choose your own adventure” style videos for their channel. Each of these has two alternatives at the conclusion that alter the plot in various ways. They achieved it by linking you to a different video with each card. Despite the additional work, it was worthwhile. The innovative strategy generated 40K views in just the first day it was up.

2. Create a Beautiful Thumbnail

Every video on YouTube can have a custom thumbnail uploaded. These are preferable to the typical standard “frame” since they provide you greater control over the initial impression viewers may have of your video.


  • 1280 x 720 resolution (width of at least 640 pixels)
  • JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file formats
  • Size is limited to 2MB.
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9.

There isn’t a set formula for making the ideal thumbnail for YouTube music video promotion, but as a general rule, use language, include faces (they engage viewers better than photographs without them), and make it relevant to your content. Compared to the text that appears below, the wording on the thumbnail is simpler to read. You can also get help from any website to promote YouTube channel.

Whether you like them or not, the Fine Brothers are skilled YouTubers. Their thumbnails give you everything you need to know, while being a little too busy for my tastes. The topic is presented not just through photos but also through words, and it also identifies the participants in the video.


To upload customized thumbnails, you must have a confirmed YouTube account.

3. Create an intriguing headline

Similar to blog entries, titles for YouTube videos are quite important for YouTube music video promotion. You must include the phrase you’re seeking in the title of your video and compose it in a captivating way without using the word “clickbait.” Always accurately represent what viewers will see, otherwise they may become offended.


Keep in mind that YouTube titles are limited to 60 characters.

Anything that breaks YouTube’s rules of service or uses offensive language risk being deleted.

Certain words and terms are avoided by advertisers. Take care when deciding what to include in your titles.

The Film Theorists YouTube channel does an excellent job with their headlines. Observe how they begin with the keyword “Film Theory” and then list the specifics of the clip. If there is one complaint, it would be that the titles occasionally run too long and are cut off at the conclusion.

Use strong terms in your headline to draw readers in.

4. Improve the description

I constantly witness channels breaking the law in this area. This is not the spot to pack in keywords, and you shouldn’t leave it blank either (you’d be shocked). Instead, always include a thorough description of your video here. Be natural when using your keywords for YouTube music video promotion.

Put the relevant information first, as the first sentences are the ones that will appear in the suggested list and above the fold. When you click the “Show more” link while watching a YouTube video, more information is revealed. There should be everything that is not a priority.

As if their 15 million subscribers weren’t proof enough, the way the videos on the Top 10 channel Watch Mojo are optimized shows that they are at the top of their game. Just in their first paragraph, you’ll discover three references to the term “horror videos,” and after that are connections to their homepage, playlist, and social network accounts.

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In the description of your earlier videos, include a link to your most recent video.

Use this space to link to any specific videos you want to promote. Since YouTube can only hyperlink in the description box using the full URL (with the http or https), keep in mind to do so.

5. Spam your family and friends

Maybe not necessarily ‘spam’ but do let them know that you have published a new video and that you would enjoy it if they could share it with their connections. It is one of the way you can do YouTube music video promotion for your channel. Start emailing or using WhatsApp to communicate with your loved ones. If you haven’t already, this would be a good time to let them know that you’re serious about your YouTube career.

Ensure that everyone you communicate with sees the video by adding a link to it in your email signature.

6. Have no fear of hashtags

As part of your description, use hashtags. These will aid in the discovery of your videos. To help those searching for information about Taylor Swift’s song locate the video, Grace Helbig included the hashtag #LWYMMD in the screenshot below.

A hashtag added to the description box functions as a link that enables visitors to see other content that has been tagged with the same term.

7. Add the video to your website or blog (if you have one)

To make your video as obvious as possible, embed it into your home page or most recent article for being able to do YouTube music video promotion. It could be time to build a website or blog if you don’t already have one. A video is the most engaging piece of content out there, say 90% of marketers. You’ll eventually want to make one if you’re serious about your YouTube career. Consider the location where you’ll direct customers to purchase your goods.

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