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What is video marketing growing into? Where is it now? And where is it going?

What exactly is video marketing then? Video marketing may be defined as the use of video content to exhibit and through this you can promote your YouTube channel, its goods, or its services.

This extends beyond commercials and product demonstrations that aim to drive sales. Web traffic, social media reach and engagement, customer service, and contact-based actions like email sign-ups and subscriptions can all be improved with video marketing.

Check out this helpful YouTube video by Biteable for additional information on what video marketing is and how it may help your business:

A potent tool, video marketing can complement other marketing strategies or be used as a stand-alone plan through which you can promote your YouTube channel.

According to its function within the sales funnel, video marketing content may be broadly categorized into three categories:


videos created to promote discovery and awareness are primarily used on social media. These are brief videos that start playing automatically without sound. In this kind of content, captions are crucial. These videos promote your YouTube channel and raise customer awareness of it.


These videos try to amuse and educate viewers. Examples include product or service demonstration, explanation, and how-to videos that address a customer’s issue. They are crucial for building authority in your field and developing into a thought leader in your field.


These videos seek to convert viewers. They cultivated trust, which serves as the last impetus for sales. Examples include demos, case studies, and testimonials or reviews in landing page video content.

Consumer education is one of the most important advantages of video marketing. In a recent research by Wyzowl, 84% of respondents said that video content had influenced their choice to buy the product, and 94% said they had watched explainer videos to learn more about it.

Video offers a more relatable, relevant, and easily digestible means to engage your target audience than static visual content or text-based media. So you can use this strategy to promote your YouTube channel.

However, studies have shown that consumers recall up to 95% of the information conveyed in video content, compared to only 10% of the information shared in text-based content.

What is video marketing, in brief?

The use of video footage to exhibit and market your company’s name, goods, or services is known as video marketing. According to its function within the sales funnel, video marketing content may be split into three types. Awareness, consideration, and decision are the three categories. If you need any help for video marketing for your channel, then you can get help from YouTube advertising agency.

Where Is Video Marketing Growing Today 

For the past ten years, video marketing has gradually increased and will likely rank among the top marketing channels by 2023. That’s the reason why you want to promote your YouTube channel.

The State of Video Marketing Study by Wyzowl estimates that in 2022:

  • Businesses employed video as a marketing tool in 86% of cases.
  • Marketing professionals that use video in their campaigns rate it highly (92%).
  • 74% of businesses are use explainer videos, and 68% use social media videos.
  • For creating videos, 40% of firms spend between $0 and $500.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic, according to 96% of consumers, caused them to watch more web video.

The data clearly shows that video marketing will be quite popular in 2023. A number of changes in technology and customer behavior led to this.

Consumers watch more videos on a global scale as more and more individuals have access to video-capable gadgets and faster mobile internet connections. Mobile phone cameras that can capture in 4K have made video production more accessible as well.

In recent years, social media has also played a significant role in how you obtain video content to promote your YouTube channel. Significant social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have all made progress in offering improved video sharing and viewing features, in addition to specialized video sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

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Where Is It Heading?

A certain approach to increase your brand exposure, sales, and consumer engagement is to invest in video marketing. More than 82% of all consumer traffic on websites is video.

Also, 80% of marketers claim that video marketing has positively affected their business’s sales.

So, it is clear that video marketing is effective. The advantages are substantial, it is expanding steadily, and more social platforms are offering fresh ways for viewers to interact with video.

But how can you use this to your advantage? How do you create a solid video marketing plan and how do you include video marketing into your current marketing channels? How can you find and create top-notch video content for use to promote your YouTube channel?

These things need effort, money, and a high level of technical and creative skill. For a video marketing company’s involvement, it becomes lot simpler and more affordable.

Let’s examine what video marketing companies do and how they might assist you in maximizing your investment through video marketing.

Conclusion and Our Top Two Selections

One of the most profitable marketing channels in 2023 will be video marketing, which has grown quickly. Video marketing will keep expanding in the future thanks to improvements in video production technology, increased access to fast internet, and the move in social media towards video content.

It’s time to spend money on video marketing for being able to promote your YouTube channel if you haven’t before!

Many of the organizations on our list are excellent, but two in particular caught our attention. Our top two choices are as follows:

Top Choice:

(1)  Promozle is a fantastic option for any firm who wishing to do video marketing or boost their channel. The modest company, has a wide range of services that go into creating full-cycle solutions for video marketing.

(2) Hand played, a Bulgarian company with headquarters in Sofia, stands out for its outstanding inventiveness, capacity to offer a thorough plan for your content, and top-notch video content creation. They are a fantastic partner for any firm to deal with in any area because they provide a broad range of video and visual content marketing services.

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